Beauty Therapy: Field Specializations you can Choose From


Beauty therapy jobs provide some lucrative opportunities. The beauty industry continues to boom, and therapists in this field have a broad range of specializations to choose from. But, whatever specialization you choose, you need to get training from a beauty school to get your certification. If you are looking to enter the beauty industry, here are some of the specializations that may flare up your passion:

  • Makeup Artists

    Makeup artists use products and techniques to transform their client’s look. People in the industry may also call you a cosmetologist or beautician. As a beauty therapist, you have job opportunities available in some industries and a solid education allows you to go into high fashion, theater, or special effects. In fact, you may be employed by a salon to prepare brides for their wedding or help people who need a makeover. A reputable Beauty School in Miami, Florida, like New Concept Massage and Beauty School will help you become an in-demand makeup artist.

  • Nail Technicians

    Nail technicians undergo training in fingernail and toenail care including grooming, massaging, and moisturizing, as well as cuticle treatments and dead skin removal. They possess dexterous hands and expert skills that let them make the most impressive manicures and pedicures, gel overlays, stunning tips, and more. Jobs for nail technicians are many and provide you with a room for continuous education and training to keep abreast of what the industry requires.

  • Massage Therapists

    These therapists are required to work with the different soft-tissues and muscles in the body to help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and help with recovery from injuries. When treating their clients, massage therapists use their hands, elbows, feet, and forearms. Being in this field also lets you specialize in various treatments and massages such as sports massage, Swedish massage, and deep-tissue massage. Having more specializations expands your employment horizon. You can also take other related courses to improve your specialty and skills.

  • Skincare Specialist

    These professionals focus on cleansing to help their clients achieve a healthy, glowing skin. They can find employment in various environments that include medical offices and spas. Skincare therapists undergo various training to be able to professionally assess the skin, recommend skincare products, and eliminate unwanted hair using sugar or laser treatments. These professionals do skin peels, facials, waxing, and more. You will have an extensive education and training in this field at an established cosmetology school in Florida.

    Attending a cosmetology school is your first step towards starting a career and having plenty of job opportunities. Whether you help celebrities look their best for the camera or work alongside with other stylists, you will be able to share your expertise with others and help your clients feel good about themselves. You can make a good living in an exciting profession which constantly provides you with something new to learn.

    Are you ready to enter the beauty industry? Enroll in our beauty school today. For any inquiries, please give us a call or visit our website.

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